Thursday, July 24, 2008

I had a great time with my buds last Saturday. This is us at Big D's having lunch and 2 for 1's. Whoohoo! Andreas says he remembers all the girls that work there having big hooters. Does that have something to do with the name of the place?

So today the packers/movers are supposed to be coming although they haven't showed up yet and it's almost 11am. But like Andreas said, as long as they are done by tomorrow, it doesn't matter when they show up. Sue came over last night and took most of our kitchen cupboard items off our hands (liquer party at Sue's), thanks, Sue!! She also took all my plants. They better be alive when I get back!! I've been packing boxes of stuff we are planning to store here in Fargo. Andreas thinks I'm downsizing too much but I know what I'm doing. The man just needs to trust me. He's got like a gazillion nerd magazines that I haven't seen him touch in years, I highly doubt we need to bring them with. And stuff like that, etc, and such as......(was that Miss Tennessee? Some miss usa state.) Anyway, tonight we camp out at Camp G-ma's where we shall feast on Nutrisystem and Gas-X. Then tomorrow night, and through the weekend, we'll be at the Ramada.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Family Olson

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Well, we are a week away from moving. Although you'd never be able to tell by the looks of things around here. No boxes, no suitcases, and that's why I don't think it's really hit us yet. The packers/movers are coming on Thursday and Friday (the 24 & 25). I think once our things are all packed up it will become very real. We are planning on spending the weekend at a hotel (last I heard). I'm sure the girls will love that. Our plane leaves at 1:18 pm on Monday, July 28th. Then, the real adventure begins...