Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It Matters

Click the link above to read a really interesting article. It's called "It Matters Whom You Marry". Someone posted it on Facebook and after reading it, felt the need to share it with you.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

good weekend

It's Sunday. I'm having a FABULOUS weekend. I haven't done anything that anyone else would consider fun (probably), but it's been great nonetheless.

A lot of people I know took their kids to the Taylor Swift concert. I had no idea she was even in town until I heard people talking about it on Friday. My kids aren't crazed fans I guess. My kids are weird that way. Never a part of the Bieberization of America. Can't stand One Direction. Used to like Miley though, until the VMAs. They are more into GaGa, Rhianna, and Maroon 5. Smart kids, I'd say ;)

It was time for the end of summer pool cleaning and sanitizing. The pool is all down and put away now. The giant circle of dead grass where it once sat looks empty and lonely. And now I have a better view of my overgrown rose garden.

I'm sore. My lower back and hamstrings. It's a tough job bailing water and scrubbing the inside of the pool! About two hours of work Hanna, Eden and I put in. Feels good to have it done.

What else did I do? Oh yeah, I did a photo restoration for a client. That went well and she was happy with the end result, which always makes me happy.

Finished putting the last of the laundry away. Laundry, from start to complete finish, always takes about a week. But I hang a lot of it up to dry instead of using the dryer. So there.

My husband went into work for a little while yesterday. He's working so much lately, poor guy. He even worked over the long holiday weekend, which is why we couldn't get away together. I wanted to go to Duluth, but not alone with the kids. I asked him who else had to work over the weekend. Nobody. I guess that is a perk of being a manager?

But he didn't work long yesterday. Then he made apple pie with our freshly picked apples from the Orchard.

We biked there. I had Emma on the tag along because I wasn't sure if she'd want to go that far on her bike. Plus my 500lb camera bag on my back. It was a good workout for sure! Andreas had the big hiking back pack on his back with our picnic stuff and it was full of apples on the way back.

This is "Big Red". Anyone seen Turbo yet? It's a good movie. Anyway, we couldn't reach this one and it was so big....and red. We were using the apples that had fallen on the ground as missiles to try and knock it down. No luck. So I got down on all fours and let my husband stand on my back. It worked!

This was the previous method. Crappy blown out picture, but you get the idea.

Eden. Always photogenic.

Trips to the orchard will always be some of my fondest memories with my family.