Monday, June 22, 2009


Turn your body around in 2 weeks
Turn your body around in 2 weeks

Saturday, June 13, 2009

new bike

"I've got a bike, you can ride it if you like, it's got a basket, a bell that rings and things that make it look good...." - that's some old school Pink Floyd for ya.

Anyway, Emma got a new Dora bike and helmet for her birthday. Pretty sweet ride!

Back in the US

The girls and I have been back 5 days now. It's strange how it almost feels like we never left. It is so much fun to drive again and to see how things have changed or stayed the same. I am enjoying the fact that I can read everything and understand when people talk to me. There are a million places I want to go and do but I've been so busy just these first 5 days and running on very little sleep that I'm happy to just chill out for a while. But today, I'm hittin' Paradiso...OH YEAH! Can you believe I haven't eaten out once since being home?!?!?! And don't get me started on how nice it is to go grocery shopping here!! lol

We got Minneapolis about 9-9:30 Monday night. Stayed the night in a hotel, rented a van the next day and drove to Fargo. I am so happy the entire trip went off without a hitch. I was a little nervous being it was just me with 3 kids and G-ma (who doesn't walk well). But luckily at every airport (except Copenhagen this time) there was a wheelchair waiting to take her to the next gate. We also had 6 big suitcases and two car seats to get through customs and to the hotel, which also made me a bit nervous. Being the only one capable of lifting anything, I felt a bit small. That practically took care of itself as well. Phew!

It's good to be home. What isn't good is being away from my husband. I miss him so much. And I feel so bad for leaving him all alone because I know he's probably bored out of his mind and missing his baby terribly. But I told him he should take advantage of the quiet house that is otherwise alive with chaos when the kids are around. He can play ALL the xbox and computer games he wants!! But that probably doesn't make up for the fact that he can't hug his precious girl. It sucks now, but in a short while we will all be together again. It's gonna be great!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Today is the day

...that I've been anxiously awaiting. I get to go home. I am happy, excited, nervous and sad all at the same time. Is there a word for that? Maybe it's "confused". I am happy and excited because I get to see my family and friends that I have missed so much over the past 10 months. But I'm sad because I'm leaving my hubby behind. I'm actually dreading the goodbye at the airport. But I know that it's only a short time until he comes home too. If Rana and Gregg can do it for a year, we can surely handle a month or two.

The past day or so I have been just sort of wandering around thinking of all the "lasts" I am having here. My last load of laundry, last trip to the grocery store, last train ride, last bike ride in the forest, my last night.....and as much as I complain about the little stuff, I am going to miss it here. It has been our home, it has been an adventure.

And the Arff adventure doesn't stop here. There are many more to come I'm sure. Wherever we are and come what may, the Arff's are ready for more.

Farvel Denmark! Tak for alt!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

At the castle

Since we rented a car for the weekend (to get us to the airport on Monday) we decided to show G-ma the castle. She had a great time and I am so happy she got to see SOMETHING besides the inside of our house the 5 weeks she was here!

Some photos might be a bit blurry because we weren't allowed to use a flash, but I'm sure you'll get over it.

G-ma in the chapel

Close up of the organ, the detail is cool

One of the many ceiling paintings

This is similar to my pajamas

This painting is amazing. You have to keep your eyes in the bull as you walk across the room because his head turns as he follows you!!

More detail on the ceiling

Into the Great Room (or Grand Room...can't remember which)

Another amazing ceiling full of detail

The walls of this room are completely covered in a beautiful and amazingly detailed tapestry. The paintings aren't bad either.

Andreas says he wants a fireplace like this one. You know, in case you want to live in it. It's HUGE.

G-ma, enjoying some ice cream.

G-ma outside by the fountain.

All in all it was a good trip. As long as we are mobil, we are venturing into the same town again today to do some shopping AND eat at a Mexican restaurant I found while walking from the castle. Been in this area for 9 months and JUST found out there is a European equivalent to Paradiso here. That's it, I'm staying. Because all I really need is Mexican food to make me happy.

Friday, June 5, 2009

In love

The hubby and I before our very FIRST trip to a restaraunt in the town we have been living in for the past 9! We don't get out much.

And for the record, snomis, the grey hair was there when I met him ;)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary... us!

Today Andreas and I have been happily married for 4 years. WOW! Where did the time go???

This is Bigs and I on our wedding day. It's so funny because we just look exhausted or pissed off or something. It really doesn't reflect AT ALL the joy we were feeling. I don't even know who took the picture, all I know is it is the only one I have (besides the professional pics, of course).

There, this one tells our story better! I love my hubby!