Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some of you may not want to see this post....

WARNING: cute photos ahead!!

Emma: "She's looking at me.....I just dumped my cereal on the floor and I bet she's gonna be pissed. I'll just act cool.....meow, I'm a cat! Haha....brilliant! I'll be a cat and THEN I can't get into trouble. Meow...prrrrrr"

yes, that's cereal, bran to be exact

going in for the munch

aw, I'm too cute to get in trouble

"let's try laying down and eating, this otta be great!"

"and I will stroke you and pet you and call you George"

Just HAD to look didn't you!! Ok, A)the floor was recently cleaned B)sometimes the only way to get her to eat is to let her pretend she's a cat C)the bowl was going to get dumped whether I tried to stop it or not....sometimes you just have to let some fights go.

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