Monday, October 5, 2009

Tastes like

Have you ever heard anyone say that certain fish tastes like steak? I have heard this before but have never actually eaten a piece of fish that tasted like a steak. The fish people are referring to is Mahi Mahi I think.

Well I didn't have any Mahi Mahi in the freezer but I did have a nice thick hunk of Halibut (which is such a great tasting fish). And now I have this fabulous stove top, with an indoor grill attachment (I'm in heaven).

So on the menu for me today is fish tacos. It was funny to see Andreas cringe when he read this, "FISH tacos????? BLECH!!!". But of course he was relieved to find out that it was my lunch and not what I had planned for dinner. *on a side note, yes I do write out my menu for the week

OK, OK, so I have to admit that the idea of fish tacos didn't really float my boat but I have to try it because I hear it's good....AND win. I took the halibut and grilled in on my lovely indoor grill with just some olive oil and coarse salt, 5 minutes each side on high. It holds up very nicely on the grill, doesn't fall apart or stick. Smells great too!

Right from the grill I cut off a piece and tasted it and do you know what it tastes like? STEAK! I'm totally serious, it had the best tender grilled steak flavor! Oh I'm hooked now. I flaked most of it to put into my taco and OMG, it is absolutely divine! I love fish tacos!

I was skeptical of the fish/steak flavor connection but I'm a believer now. YUM!

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