Monday, May 27, 2013

My Odd Duck

My kids are always telling me I smell good. Of course they say that about their grandmas too. In fact, sometimes Eden will come home from school and the first thing she says when she walks through the door is, "I smell grandma!" and indeed grandma had been over that day. And one time she was talking to Gram on the phone and said, "I can even smell you through the phone". It's kind of cute.

But now Eden has gotten into huffing me. She is ALWAYS by me.....sniffing. It's almost embarrassing anymore! We were bowling a few nights ago and she wouldn't stop sniffing me so I finally had to raise my voice and tell her to knock it off! Then she got all pouty about it. I felt bad, but come on, really? In public now?

So this morning, she was laying on the floor beside me at my computer (where Lizzy usually lays) and after about 10 minutes she finally said, "Mom, can I just have ONE sniff??" Oh dear Lord!

So I let her have one.

This kid is an odd duck. She's super freakishly smart. In the highest math group in her class. I don't think she's missed a single spelling word on a spelling test in the last 2 years. She rarely ever needs help with homework and when she does, it's a math problem that even I don't know how to do. Which is sort of embarrassing to say but everyone who knows me knows that math and I don't get along. Except for trig. For some strange reason, I aced my college trigonometry class. Who knew! That was back in a time when I was going to be an architect. HA! Can you imagine?!

Anyway, continuing on with my odd duck, she doesn't like elevators, she's got an above average level of OCD, and she thinks our dog's paws smell like "fresh Chinese rice". But she's my odd duck, and I love her.

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