Monday, June 8, 2009

Today is the day

...that I've been anxiously awaiting. I get to go home. I am happy, excited, nervous and sad all at the same time. Is there a word for that? Maybe it's "confused". I am happy and excited because I get to see my family and friends that I have missed so much over the past 10 months. But I'm sad because I'm leaving my hubby behind. I'm actually dreading the goodbye at the airport. But I know that it's only a short time until he comes home too. If Rana and Gregg can do it for a year, we can surely handle a month or two.

The past day or so I have been just sort of wandering around thinking of all the "lasts" I am having here. My last load of laundry, last trip to the grocery store, last train ride, last bike ride in the forest, my last night.....and as much as I complain about the little stuff, I am going to miss it here. It has been our home, it has been an adventure.

And the Arff adventure doesn't stop here. There are many more to come I'm sure. Wherever we are and come what may, the Arff's are ready for more.

Farvel Denmark! Tak for alt!

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