Friday, May 4, 2012

Fun pics

The is Eden.
Doesn't she look like an angel flying?

She loves to do this. Here is how it starts:
each leg through a swing

holding onto the rings
and whoosh!

Actually she isn't holding onto the rings in this one.
But that is another way she likes to do it.

She likes to pretend she's in the circus. We actually saw a news short about
a circus school and watched how they practice.
Eden and Emma both screamed, "I WANT TO GO TO CIRCUS SCHOOL!!"

And below is Eden doing her karate kid impression.
Not bad.

There is something really extraordinary about pictures of people who aren't directly
looking at the camera.
I think.

This one makes me laugh because it makes Bigs look like a giant stepping over houses.
The girls were the ones that noticed that perspective.
I love how their little minds work.

Emma LOVES swinging. She makes me incredibly nervous though because she swings SO high. Andreas always makes fun of me. But I seriously get a stomach ache if I watch her swing because I'm so afraid of her grip failing and seeing her fall to the ground.
Ehh, I get chicken skin just thinking of it.

This one of Lizzy you have to click on and see in a larger view to really appreciate the amount of slobber all over her face.
How can something so cute be so disgusting at the same time??

The exposure is terrible and I haven't had a chance to sit down and photoshop anything in EONS so none of my pictures are looking really outstanding lately. When does life slow down?

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Shawn said...

I totally like taking pictures of people who aren't posing for a picture. To me it seems so real and closer to life than a posed "cheese" picture. I took a few good ones of my grandparents...