Monday, September 10, 2012

time to drain the pool

Considering how cold it's been at night, I think that draining the pool is a few weeks overdue. The only reason that we waited is because Eden wanted to use it for her birthday party. Well, we ended up rescheduling her party so in the end, it was pointless to keep it up.

Draining it is pretty effortless. You attach a garden hose to the plug at the bottom and let 'er rip. Except for one...minor problem. The plug needs to be removed from the inside.


Well I certainly wasn't going to do it. Andreas wasn't going to do it. Eden and Emma are too little to do it. That leaves one person....

Oh come on, it seems logical enough to me. She's on the Davies swim team, she can do all the fancy turn flipping underneath the water, certainly she can handle a backyard pool plug! Needless to say, getting in that frigid pool water did not excite her. One. Bit.

Don't worry, we rewarded her handsomely. A $5 bill should cut it, right?

When we told her about the prospect of making a couple of easy bucks we thought she'd be ALL over it (considering she's saving up for some beats). But then she informed us that NO amount of money was going to make her get in that water.

Then we made her do it anyway.


But all is well. We let her take her time getting in the water instead of rushing her through it. After close to 45 minutes of whining and procrastinating on the pool ladder, she plunged underneath the water and pulled the plug. Literally a 10 second job. I could handle a $5/ 10 second job. Anyone hiring?

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