Monday, November 16, 2009

Playing with the camera

It was sunny out again yesterday. And you know what that means......

I'm going to want to go take pictures.

I love taking pictures in natural sunlight. Especially in the evening, it's so breathtaking. The girls are starting to groan whenever I mention the word "picture". This morning before they left for school, all I said was "It's sunny out" and they both went "Ooooh noooo. No more pictures PLEASE mom".

But anyway, I wanted to take some pictures yesterday so we all piled in the car and went just a couple places where we thought it might be nice to play with my new camera.

Nothing overly fantastic about the shots of the Stave church. It is such a beauty in itself that taking pictures of it with a disposable camera would turn out beautiful.

And the next few are just random things around the house. I am trying to get a feel for aperture and shutter speed. Although I don't need to use the manual settings, I want to get used to doing it because taking pictures in low light without a flash really captures the mood of the lighting. The trick is to do so without blurring the shot, which is a bit tricky. (the trick is, it's tricky...good writing there)

Look at these next three...

See what I mean? What a difference it makes NOT using a flash. The lighting is spectacular.

Now, here are some WITH the flash.

While cute.....VERY's a different mood entirely.

And like I said before, you just can't go wrong with natural sunlight.

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