Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last night

Last night, mom and I went over to Lindenwood so I could practice some blurry water shots of the fountain they have there, but unfortunately it wasn't on. So we stopped at the cemetery a couple blocks away to visit my dad's grave.

Mom said maybe we'd see deer, because apparently she's seen a lot there. And we did!

First we just saw the baby hiding in the trees along the edge of the cemetery. I got out of the van and slowly crept closer to it.

It stared at me for a long time before slowly moving away.

Then it darted out from the trees and bounded across the grass.

Later on, the doe was out. The fawn was drinking her milk.

"Hey, where ya goin' mama? I'm still hungry!"

I also took lots of shots of a butterfly in the yard. He was fluttering around for the longest time. I got 300 photos of him!

Here is a mama turkey and her chicks. Funny how the cemetery was so full of new life.

The angel that is keeping watch over my dad.

I tried a couple silhouettes of Emma. I can't wait until Eden is back. She is more patient with me when I'm trying to mess around with different techniques.

Miscellaneous bottles at the house. I think they are so cool, I couldn't throw them out once the juice inside was gone.



chastity said...

ABSOLUTELY beautiful! I love your photography! You are so very creative and I am enjoying your work!

LBDDiaries said...

Love those bottles - and your dad's grave! And oh, just ALL of them! Glad i found your site....