Friday, July 6, 2012


Wow, really? ONE comment? Haha....

Thanks, for your input Chris! I prefer Prints Charming as well. I didn't find any businesses in ND with that name, so I should be good. Although there is a business in Canada. I also found a blog with that title when doing a search.

We didn't do anything exciting on the 4th. We didn't even go watch fireworks. We just decided to sit on our deck and see what the neighborhood had to offer. Not much. I was a bit bummed out because I had my tripod all set up and ready for some action. I only got a couple. Too many trees in the way.


This is one of the only shots of actual fireworks I got.
And below, I just thought that the streaks of light from cars passing by was pretty cool.
You get this from having a high shutter speed (and a tripod).

Nothing spectacular, just something cool caught on camera while waiting for fireworks. Next year, I'm going to have to go to my sister's house. She lives close to MSUM where they light off all the big fireworks. We sat on her roof one year and had the best view!

Oh, and we had cherries. So I photographed them. Why not?

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