Sunday, July 15, 2012

good week

We have had such a terrific week!

Andreas came back from his 3 day trip to Seattle on Wednesday. Farmor arrived that same evening. It's been gloriously HOT outside. We haven't been doing a whole lot, but it has been relaxing and wonderful.

We went shopping for a few items for Hanna's newly painted room. Yesterday I spray painted her desk black and we are going to be putting that up as soon as Andreas' back cooperates. I'm very excited to get everything on her walls and see how it looks!

Tomorrow we plan on spending the day at the beach because it's going to be another scorcher. And Wednesday, Andreas and I will leave for our little trip to Canada. I'm excited to get away to some new scenery with my camera. Emma and Farmor will stay back home and do a little bonding.

There were so many bees buzzing about yesterday morning. I took a LOT of pictures. Usually only a few of them turn out because they are constantly moving. But I really liked this one.

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