Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hanna's room

It's been awhile, but I wanted to post pictures of Hanna's finished room.
Since we painted it pink (it used to be blue), it looks a lot better. More bright and cheery.
We also rearrange her furniture and built her a desk similar to what
we did in Eden's room. The only difference being we only did one
overhead shelf instead of two and we painted the wood black.

She picked out the handkerchiefs to use over the cork board (surprise, black and white animal print). And we bought new zebra print bedding to pull it all together. I think it turned out really
cute. I wish I would move in!

We found these super cute little locker chandeliers at Walmart. I got each girl one for their locker at school. They have a magnet on top and they have a motion detector so they will go on when the locker door opens. Or, you can switch it off and only turn it on when you want. Really cool.
We used double sided tape on Hanna's to stick on her desk at home.

The wall clock she picked out matched the paint perfectly.

So there you have it. Now Emma is nagging me to get her room painted.
I'm not looking forward to it because her room has wallpaper. Ugh.

Oh, and one more bit of super exciting news:

I finally got the document regarding the registration of my trade name.
I am officially the owner of Prints Charming!

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