Monday, December 17, 2012


This is Emma. She is 6 years old.
She is the same age as the majority of the children
tragically killed last Friday in CT.
Look at her face. That sweet innocence only a child
can possess. She is love. Pure love.
As I look at the faces of the sweet children that were taken from their parents
far too soon, I can't help but picture my own child's face. That could have been her!
That could have been her classmates!
My heart is so heavy with sadness. I find myself constantly shaking my head in disbelief
and can't fight back the tears. Those families. Those poor devastated families.
Christmas is supposed to be a time of rejoicing. They will only feel loss.
Sorrow. The emptiness of a loved one....forever gone.
A child.
How will they cope? The hole in their hearts must be unbearable.
Please, God....please comfort them. Please tell their parents
that they are with you. That they didn't suffer. That angels were there with them,
holding them close. That they are in paradise where there is no more
evil. Tell them somehow. Help them. Please, God. Help them understand
that even though they held those precious children only a short time,
they will be reunited some day. Help them get through this life
on earth without them. Please, God.
Help the rest of us deal with the fear. Help us heal our own hearts and trust that
you have a plan for everyone. And one day, this heartbreak will end.
Help those suffering from mental illness get the attention and care they need.
Help everyone suffering with the sadness that surrounds us today and always.

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