Friday, May 29, 2009

Coming home soon

Well, just a week and 3 days until the girls, g-ma and I head back to Fargo. I can't believe it. Time went by soooo slowly over the winter months but this spring has just FLOWN by! I am really excited to be going home again. Excited to see everybody, excited to drive a car, excited to go out and have some fun! It will be bittersweet though.

I had my last Danish lesson two days ago. My teacher, Anne, is such a lovely woman and I will miss her. I will miss talking Danish with her and I will miss the talks we had just about life in general and what it's like to live in a foreign country. She knows what it's like, she was an exchange student in high school and she lived in China for 3 years. In fact, she teaches Chinese at the University. She is incredible. She wrote my name (and the girls') in Chinese the last day she was here. So cool!

I think this experience was especially great for the girls. Eden runs around here speaking Danish all the time now. It's AMAZING. I mean, they said that the kids pick it up fast being submersed in it at school but I have to admit it was a little hard for me to believe that they would actually learn to speak it in less than a year. But they did. I am so impressed. I was thinking that I should probably record Eden having a conversation with Andreas in Danish and post it because it is super cute. I am so proud of them both. Hanna knows it too but she is at an age where she doesn't really care to show off her skills at home. I want them to keep it up when we move back so they don't lose it. How awesome for them to have had this privilege!

Nothing else to say really, just babbling. Take care everyone, see you soon!!

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Jess said...

Hey there, are you coming back for good or do you have more time there? At the end of the summer?