Saturday, May 9, 2009

Too many cooks in the kitchen.....??....NONSENSE!!

Making salmon en croute

Emma likes to help

She made a little pie with the left over dough

"Can I roll more, mamma? Can I?"

And here's a couple of Eden's braids. I love when she lets me play with her hair.

And speaking of Eden....

Last night, when we were all sitting around the dinner table, impressing G-ma with our Danish speaking abilities, G-ma asked Eden if she liked talking in Danish (because it just seems to roll off her tongue without her even having to think about it). To which she replied "yes".

And then Andreas asked her, "Well, how come you never go to your small class then?" ("small class" is the exclusively Danish-speaking class that Eden can go to if she feels like it - but never does. I think they made fun of her for something one day and she doesn't like it there anymore.....damn kids!)

Anyway, Eden says to Andreas, "Because it smells like little people".

HAHA...we just roared! What is it exactly that little people smell like????

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