Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Phase one of my 500 phase master plan...

I don't really have 500 phases to my master plan.....I was just trying to be dumb.

Mission accomplished.

This is my mom, Jan:
Looks peaceful, doesn't she?
She looks either really happy to be in Denmark or just passing a little gas (perhaps both?).

Actually, what she is doing here IS phase one of my master plan (yes there are phases, just not 500). She is preparing her body for radical fat loss. She is listening to some good old hypnosis on my iPod. Of course, 15 seconds into it the windows were rattling from the snoring but maybe her subconscious mind was still paying attention. I'm not sure if it works that way or not, some hypnotists will tell you if you fall asleep it's ok and others will encourage you to stay awake for it to work. If nothing else, it helps her relax, eh?

Hopefully she decides she wants to be awake at least part of the day even though she's pretty much nocturnal. A normal sleeping pattern is going to be a good thing for this night owl. I think she is starting to get over her jet lag and I'm sure by the end of the week she'll be ready to hit the streets for some power shopping. Well, she hit the streets anyway. Or the driveway. The front yard at the very least. She's walking......farther than the front yard......whether she likes it or not. I'm telling you, she will RUE THE DAY.....

I love my mommy :)

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