Monday, May 4, 2009

Mom in Denmark

Well, my mom arrived here safe and sound yesterday. We are very grateful to the airline staff that helped make her trip go so smoothly. She had help at all three airports, which was very nice.

Now she is here for the next 5 weeks. She's already making up for 9 months of missed conversations and that Hanna has some competition for her future talk-a-thons. We are also wondering if she is either getting somewhat hard of hearing or if maybe her ears are still a bit plugged from the trip as she is shouting at us like she is trying to talk over a band in a crowded bar. I realize she is just excited to be here, and we are happy to have her.

You may want to ask again in a couple weeks whether or not her enthusiasm for visiting us is still on high because I plan on exercising her until she rues the day I blessed her world...teehee. She can hardly walk even short distances without back pain. We need to take care of that so she can enjoy the summer. And since she's got two new knees, we might as well put some miles on them! Welcome to boot camp! There will be no escape! If she doesn't come back to the US 10-15 lbs lighter, I might as well start thinking of different career options.

I am starting a second blog called "Fit Granny" to document her road to a leaner, healthier body. She will succeed! I am very excited to see the new her by summer's end. So start checking it out daily to see how she's doing and encourage her along the way! Here's to better health, g-ma!!

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