Friday, August 21, 2009

swing and a miss

Andreas took himself out of the running for "husband of the year" award today.

Call me sensitive but I think this is an attempt at a compliment gone bad....VERY BAD.

Ready for it. K, here it is...

Andreas: "Your legs are looking unusually thin today"

Me: "Um......thanks?"

OK.....two things here. You'll notice the word "unusually" in that sentence. Which leads me to believe that USUALLY, in my husbands eyes, my legs are the opposite of thin. Gigantic, fat, blubbery....the list could go on forever. And second, what the HELL was he thinking?

Perhaps he likes celibacy.

1 comment:

Carin said...

maybe he is concerned because you are getting too thin? I know just trying to play devils advocate! LOL I really understand why it would bug you it would mean months of celibacy for my husband but he is getting pretty used to that anyway.