Monday, August 31, 2009

"What IS a note?"

This is what I got from the bank teller after asking for one.

ME: "You see, we are buying a house and our loan officer is asking for the note on our car loan."

[imagine bank teller's long blank stare here]

HER: "um, I guess I don't understand what you are asking for."

ME: "I'm assuming they just want a look at our debt. Maybe if you could just print off something that shows what we owe on the car??"

HER: "Let me call someone". [dialing "someone"] "yeah, this is blah blah blah....note....blah blah blah. HAHA...yeah I didn't know either, that's why I'm calling....blah blah blah....She wants to talk to you"

[hands the phone to me]

ME: "yes?"

PISSY PHONE LADY: "I have no idea what you are talking about....blah blah blah".

[enter MY long blank stare here]

ME: "I am repeating word for word what our loan officer is asking of us. If you work at a bank and don't know what a "note" is, how the heck do you expect ME, a mere middle man in all this, to know what it is I'm asking for??????"

[more useless conversation here about how stupid I am and how I could possibly have the nerve to come to a bank as ask someone to copy off SOMETHING that shows I owe money for a car, and if we should call the president to find out if he can help us define this NOTE]

3 bank people and 10 minutes later...

GIRL #3: "um yeah, we'll have to call you back on this".

[I'm pausing here, quite in disbelief and almost laughing]

ME: "ooooooooooook."

[20 minutes later...]

Hubby calls me, they have the "note" ready for me to pick up at the bank. COOL, I was hoping to go back there! Maybe we could open a bottle of champagne and celebrate cracking the code on the elusive NOTE.

So I go pick it up, all sealed away in a pretty little envelope with our name spelled incorrectly. And I drop it off at Microsoft where Andreas can fax it over to our loan officer and tell her that she better drop the word "note" from her vocabulary altogether.

ME: "Let's open it and see what a note looks like."

We're thinking it looks like the red and white promissory notes in the LIFE game. Come to find out it's just a copy of the paper we signed at the dealership.....and I have one of those in my car. DOH!!!!

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