Monday, May 3, 2010

I Want Candy

Our candy jar is officially empty. I didn't think I'd ever see the bottom of that thing again. After Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, St. Paddys, and Easter....we had enough to put us all into a sugar induced coma every hour, on the hour, for months.

So this past weekend my family and I made a pact. A no sweets pact. We wrote it up, and each one of us signed it. It's hanging on our fridge. Seriously. It was decided that we indulge a little too frequently so from now on, we are going to try to only eat a sweet treat once a week.

We'll see how it goes. But you might want to check in on us within the next couple of days. Who knows what's going to go down when the sugar cravings kick in. When Andreas rips apart the cupboards and breaks all the dishes in his ravenous sugar addicted meltdown, searching for any signs of chocolate. Or when Emma discovers that the largest of her daily consumed food groups has just been taken away, cold turkey. What will Eden fill up on when, after a half an hour of arranging her dinner around her plate to make it look as though some of it has actually been eaten, there is no "back up" food (aka....candy)? Will they even attempt to eat their dinner without the sweet pot-o-gold waiting for them as a reward to a clean plate? Will chores get done? Will we tear each other to shreds over a stray chocolate chip found hidden in the back of the baking cupboard?

Only time will tell.....

Who's gonna be the one to cave first? My money is on Andreas. Stay tuned for utter and inevitable failure.

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