Friday, May 7, 2010

Sugar pact: part 2

Well, so far we are doing AWESOME with our no sugar pact. It's been almost a week and Andreas and I are going strong. I have to give him lots of credit because it sounds as though his coworkers are having WAY too much fun trying to get him to cave. Play nice, boys!

I'm proud of him. If he can hang on for one more week it'll be smooth sailing. I've read that it only takes about 2 weeks for the craving to be nothing more than a memory. I'm not sure if you have to cut out ALL forms of sugar or just the candy and junk you eat in addition to the sugar added to food like bread, condiments, canned goods, etc. It would be near impossible to cut it out of your diet, unless you were very happy with eating 100% RAW. And I'm guessing that's a tough change to make, especially when not everyone else you live with is doing it with you.

The kids are doing good too, although the mom of one of Eden's friends sent home a container of cupcakes with her after a play date, so they each had one. But, moderation is all I'm concerned with. And that was their one for the week.

And on a side note...

Have a safe and happy Mother's Day weekend everyone. Hug and kiss and love your moms like there is no tomorrow. Appreciate them and make sure they know how special they are. Never take a moment with them for granted. My hearts go out to my two dear friends this Mother's Day, who lost their mom on Monday. I hope they can find comfort in the difficult days ahead.

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Tristan Cartony said...

I don't know what Andreas has been telling you, but we struggle with him daily to keep his sugar pact. We'll find him at the vending machine with 30$ worth of Snickers bars in his arms and we have to wrestle him to the ground and forcible take the candy from him. Everyone else around him has also vowed to not mention any sugary foods while he's around and not offer the icing on a cupcake to him.