Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last day of summer vacay

The laundry is all washed and folded. Well, almost. School clothes, shoes and supplies are all bought. Snacks ready. Schedules looked over. Plans for our new structured life all in place.


I am looking forward to some structure. Really. I am. But I will also miss those hot, lazy summer days. I am SO a summer person. But I love fall. It's so beautiful. The crisp cool air means that going for walks with Lizzy will be bearable. And winter, of course, is beautiful. Spring is exciting. New life, knowing summer is coming. All the seasons are great in their own way, so I shouldn't mourn the end of summer too much.

I am also filling out registration forms for Just For Kix. Eden and Emma will be dancing this year. YES, I am actually signing them up for an activity outside of school. Shocking, I know. I have avoided it long enough. Poor kids haven't done anything really. And it's all because I just don't like the thought of carting them all over town, each kid on a different day, different place, all months of the year and forking out all that cash to boot. (dang, that stuff can get expensive!)

Hanna tried a few things: ice skating, swimming, girl scouts, soccer, uh....I guess that's all. Not a lot. I feel guilty about it in a way but then again I think, you know what? My parents didn't sign me up for everything under the sun and I don't feel deprived or slighted because of it. It's not like I'm worried that if I don't start them out playing basketball at the age of 3, they'll never make it in life.

So, we'll try this dancing gig for this year and if all goes well, it should be an activity they can enjoy until they graduate high school!

Not sure what Hanna will join this year. I am trying to get her to join basketball or volleyball. Two 1-1/2 hour practices a week at her school - that she can walk to AND it doesn't cost a dime. WHOO-HOO! But she sounds less than thrilled about either sport. So, for now I'll try to make it sound glamorous in the hopes that she'll cave. haha...

And I'm also going to get Emma registered for preschool. I am a procrastinator. That's just me, like it or not. I pondered whether or not to wait another year but I think she's ready. Plus I think Eden really benefited from 2 years in preschool. Now let's just hope I can still squeeze her in!

And what will I do to keep busy then? Well, there are no shortage of things to get done here, let me tell you! 3 kids, a giant hairy slobbery dog and 3 levels to this house keep me moving ALL the time. It's no wonder I'm ready to snore by 9pm!

Farewell summer vacation!

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