Monday, August 2, 2010

Nothing much

Nothing much of anything going on worth posting about. I guess that's good and bad.

Yesterday we let Eden pick out paint for her room. She chose 'grape crush' or something like that. It's a nice shade of purple. Emma thinks we are going to paint her room 'poppy', which even though I'm not super thrilled about, it's definitely better than the god-awful bright deep red she first wanted! But her room will be behind the living room (that is next). We are going to attempt to sponge paint it, if we can agree on a color.

So Andreas got half the room taped last night and I'll finish that job today so that tonight we can start painting. We also got a pool, the last one they had, and set it up. It was a size smaller than we wanted but when you wait until the tail end of the season to get one, you have to take what there is. It was either that or a gigantic one. And if we are going to get a gigantic pool, it better be in the ground!! So we got that half filled last night. Lizzy already assumes it's a giant water bowl for her.

I also grabbed some stuff to sand a horribly painted table that was left in the house when we bought it. Hopefully I can manage that without screwing it up. Then I can paint it and the girls will have a nice craft table.

I needed some sort of project to keep me busy. If the wall painting goes well, I can see it becoming addictive and our walls will finally get the love they have been needing. We definitely have our work cut out for us though. There are a lot of walls that need paint in this house! I am most excited about getting rid of the wallpaper in Emma's room - YUK! And the border in our living room. And the bathroom....

Oh, and thanks to Carin for sharing the info on Duluth. You were the only one! lol

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LBDDiaries said...

Looking forward to your color choices, etc. We are going to repaint, too. The to-be office has big lime green and purple circles on the wall (teenager's room) - whew. Driving me bonkers. I'm learning by visiting other people's blogs to see what colors are good - so hurry up and paint faster (smile). My son's room was cobalt blue. He wanted the whole room, I gave him one wall. He still talks about it 12 years later (smile). I should have just done the whole room and given him his heart's desire - it's JUST paint!