Saturday, June 30, 2012

Before and After

A few weeks ago we went for a bike ride before bed and I brought my camera since the sun was low in the sky and was casting that beautiful evening glow on everything it touched. Everytime we bike anywhere, I am constantly thinking, "Oh, I need to photograph that!". There is so much that my mind will perceive as photo-worthy. But then when I get the capture, it isn't as beautiful as I see it in real life. So that's when Photoshop comes in handy.

It's so easy to over edit a photo and make it look almost worse than sooc. But, in some instances (like this one) the image needed a LOT of help. With people, less is usually more. But landscapes, in my opinion, open up a whole knew world for editing. This one in particular. It probably took me an hour to finish. And it still isn't perfect. I won't give away the areas that wouldn't pass if I were to put this on a canvas print (which is what I intend to do - if I EVER can finish my website and get my little business going). But in my attempt to edit it to a more professional standard, those flaws would absolutely need to be fixed.

Through my eyes, the edited image on the right is SO much better. There is so much more depth and color and I love how it's got that dreamy softness about it. What do you think?

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