Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lazy day

Yesterday was THE best day ever! Gorgeous weather, Saturday, picnic....need I say more? I so love beautiful summer days when you have nothing to do but enjoy the day with the people you love. We took the kids and the dog and had a picnic at one of our "spots" just down the road. It's not the most scenic and serene place, it's just a little boat landing, but it's got lots of big trees and grass and it's more exciting than the back yard. And it takes less than 5 minutes to get there. Sometimes we like to take day trips to various wooded areas and state parks for our summer picnics. Since living in Denmark and taking many bike rides and walks through the forest we lived near, we really appreciate being together in nature. It's such a nice break from "city" living.

As you will notice from the pictures below, I gave up some control of my precious camera for a while. Hanna took a picture of me that was incredibly hideous and I was whining about it and trying to grab my camera away but then she said, "But we have hardly any pictures of you, mom" and it made me think....

If I died tomorrow, would I really want them to have only a few silly photos of Pom Wonderful (that's what they call me) I let them go free with my camera. I had a bazillion pics to go through, much of them the same, but it was cool to see their skills.

Notice Lizzy barking at us? Haha...silly dog.

We hammed it up for a few pictures.

Emma and Eden spent a lot of time chasing butterflies and even caught a few! And released them of course.

It was the most spectacular day. And today, we are POOPED OUT! All that fun in the sun I guess.

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