Friday, June 8, 2012


This spring we had 3 beautiful blue robin eggs in a nest on our front porch. Two of them were stolen and when only one remained, we were scared it would be snatched up as well. But we were hopeful that the mama bird would do her best to protect her last baby.

Eventually, we didn't hear wings flapping outside our window anymore and were certain that mama robin abandoned her nest. We waited and watched and listened for many days, but she never did return. It was really sad. We were all hoping to see some baby birds in that nest. The nests in our yard over the past few years have not produced many live birds. It makes me wonder how any birds make it into this world at all. Kind of reminds me of those sea turtles that hatch on the beach and then get snatched up by birds on their way to the ocean. Not many survive.

Eden has always been so motherly and kind hearted. She was so excited to see the eggs and so hopeful that we would get to watch baby birds grow. Once we realized that the mama bird was not coming back, she was devastated. She wanted so badly to take the egg inside and keep it warm herself so it would hatch. But we wouldn't let her. I'm pretty dim when it comes to birds but I'm pretty sure if there was a living being inside this egg, it would have hatched by now.

So Eden so lovingly made a grave for her Turbit. That's what she named it. This name actually has a little story behind it, but maybe I'll save that for another day. Below is the picture of Turbit in a hollowed out coconut shell (George - also a story) with memorial flowers. Such a fine resting place for a baby bird who never got a chance to fly.

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