Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I LOVE my girls and I really enjoy my job as a full time mom, but these days I could reeeeeeeeeeally use a drop in day care. Save 1 day, I've been with the girls every hour of every day since we left and Mama Bear is in need of a break. I'm starting to want a house for different reasons now. School!! The girls can't start until we find a house so we know the location of the school they would attend. Furthermore, we don't have our CPR numbers yet which, I'm told, is a necessity for attending school. You would think it would be easy, that they would just play toys. But fighting is more fun. I'm not a mom, I'm a mediator. And the arguments can be SO STUPID. Who argues over who's Olympic pick is prettier? Or, who farts more? And my all-time favorite, if crack spackle and wing-dang-doodle are swear words. Sometimes it's entertaining just listening to them and their reasoning when it comes to backing up their opinions. Until the screaming outbursts that is. And no one is better than the champion of the world.....Emma. She could be eating breakfast in a certain chair and come lunch time, if you sit in this same chair, eardrums are tested. Or simply being an arm's length away from her is dangerous at times. From out of the blue, for no reason at all, or just to be mean, comes "the slap". I'm still trying to figure out if it's voluntary or involuntary, like a tic, because it has such a robotic quality to it. Here's what I imagine her brain is saying to her body:[Standing...standing...observing...sensing living being approaching...feeling threatened...attackmode...commensing attack...ATTACK...ATTACK...
ATTACK...end attack...look cute as though nothing happened...give evil eye as warning to intruder of personal space that they will get a double dose if they don't back off!...cry if scolded]. Not that she doesn't have a loving side. She does indeed love to snuggle up to you and hog the entire bed (pillow included) when she awakens in the night to discover "I'm not in my bed, what is the meaning of this", gets up and crawls into our bed.

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