Monday, August 18, 2008

Saturday = FUN!

We spent the first part of Saturday in Charlottenlund (a great town with a great name, in my opinion) where we did a little beach combing and sight seeing. We saw a lot of interesting things in the aquarium there. My favorites were the octopus and the sea horses. Also a little fellow that looked a bit like Slurms McKenzie (for you Futurama fans). Then we headed on over to Tivoli, Copenhagen's amusement park. We bought season passes so we need to go there as much as we can to get our moneys worth. Nobody seems to complain about that! I got to ride some fun rides with Hanna. There are still a few we haven't gone on yet that I would love to ride but Hanna is a tad too short for them yet. Anyone care to join me??? It was a long day but it was super fun. And, to top it off, we went to build-a-bear workshop and all three girls came home with a new pet. This was their reward for being good ALL DAY. I told them at the start of the day if they could behave themselves all day we would go to build-a-bear and I swear I've never seen them try SO HARD to be nice. It was amazing. It could be an expensive process teaching them good manners!!

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