Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday we went to Hillerød, which is where we go if we want to go shopping, and we went swimming and to the Circus.

Swimming wasn't really my cup of tea since I'm really not used to being naked around 20 other naked women I don't know. Or 20 women that I DO know. Call me a silly American, but I like my privacy. And yes, I showered with my bathing suit on. A girl has to draw the line somewhere. I wish I was as free about my body as these Europeans.

The circus was great because it was actually in a tent. I've never been to a circus in a tent. Always been in the Fargo Dome to watch the circus. It was a neat experience. Although I have to say, they're really scraping the bottom of the barrell for circus acts when they have a girl in the ring making gigantic bubbles with a hula hoop on the end of a stick. Not that it wasn't cool, it just wasn't fire eating cool. I thought, what's next? Are they going to set a rocking chair up in the ring so we can watch Grandma knit?. But it was a fun time. And the magic acts were quite impressive.

On the train

Having lunch

The shopping street

And the best part of the day???? I got SUSHI!!!!!!!! Heaven, I'm in heaven......

Here are a couple video clips from the circus

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