Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, the girls and I are off to get our CPR numbers (FINALLY - after many many MANY months of waiting and wading through the bureaucracy). In about 15 minutes, a lovely woman named Michelle, who works with Copenhagen Relocations, will pick us up and take us to the necessary places, our precious documents in hand. We have to get there before noon, which, incidentally, is the hour of office closure.....HAHAHA....oh my. And if you read my blogs often enough, you'll understand why I laugh. Next time I type to you, I will be the owner of a Danish CPR number which allows me to have a bank account, cell phone, car, job, and medical insurance. WHOO WHOO! Not like I need any of those things at this point, except for maybe medical insurance. Been waiting a loooooong time for that one!

OK, so we're back. We have to wait about 2 weeks (lets keep our fingers crossed on that one) before we get the actual cards in the mail but we did get a cool stampy stamp in our passports, with a more current picture, showing that we can live here and come and go as freely as we please. Yes!! You know what THAT means???? My husband can whisk me away to an exotic location for a vacation. (*hint hint* Andreas) But I'm pretty sure the only whisking going on is going to be me in the kitchen.

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