Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not everyone likes roses

My husband took me out last night. We saw "Date Night". Then we ate at one of our favorite restaurants and I had the most luxurious lobster ravioli. It was a good time, and went by too fast (time together away from the kids always does).

On our way home we decided to drive by our old house. As we were driving through the neighborhood we were thinking that we didn't really miss it. Although we really liked it in Osgood, we prefer Rose Creek now simply because it's not a work in progress. It's finished, has mature trees and a beautiful walking path next to the golf course. Anyway, we drove by the house and were SHOCKED to find that they had dug up ALL of our plants. Roses, people....beautiful roses, lilies, salvias, clematis and much more. And now, it's bare.

Ok, I can understand that everyone has different preferences. And maybe they wanted to start over, do their own thing. Maybe they just moved them to the back. Maybe they have allergies. Or, maybe they just like looking at dirt. Whatever. It's not our property anymore, we just need to get over it. It's still hard to believe that anyone would just dig up all that beauty. I don't think I have pictures of the final stages of our garden but here are some that give you an idea of what they will no longer be enjoying...


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