Wednesday, April 28, 2010

trip to the doc

The doctor said I don't have a fracture and that I can start walking on it as much as I can tolorate it. Which, unfortunately, is not at all right now. I just can't put any pressure on it, hurts too dang bad. If I have my sexy boot on, I can. But without the boot, forget about it! You know how it feels if you jump off of something that was a little too high and it stings your ankles when you land? That's what it feels like, at a constant, when I try to put weight on it. Sucks!

He also said that it looked like I had a subungual hematoma. There was a ridge at the base of my toenail that was REALLY sensitive. So he was pushing and squeezing on my toenail, asking me to tell him when it hurt, which made me sweaty, lightheaded and nauseous, but surprisingly didn't hurt! I almost hurled when he first told me he was going to touch it! If I could have run away, I would have. By the time he was done with the exam I was a shaky sweaty useless skin tube. It took a lot out of me, all because I was deathly afraid of him inflicting pain. He didn't look like a doctor, more like a football player. The dude was huge. Not in a fat way, but a 6'5" bundle of muscle and a "I'm a professional athlete and I could crush you with my pinkie" sort of way. I prefer my much smaller regular doctor, even though he probes me. HA!

So, anyway, he said he wished I didn't have toenail polish on so he could see better (DANG! Why did I have to paint my toes 3 weeks ago!), and I just wanted to apologize profusely for having painted them. He said he could drill a tiny hole in my toenail to let out the blood that was creating the pressure before it got any worse but he could see that I was no where near wanting him to do it if it wasn't absolutely necessary. Oh really? How could you tell? Is it because I turned 5 shades whiter than my already pasty self? Or was it the fact that I'm now a puddle on the floor by my chair? I honestly don't know how I stayed conscious after I heard the word "drill" being used in the same sentence as "toenail".

But I made it out alive. And I managed to drain the blood from underneath my toenail myself that night. I was determined not to have to go back and let Dr. Does This Hurt do it. "No thanks! I got this." It is still sore and I can still feel pressure when I bend my toe, probably didn't get all the blood out. Maybe I'll take another crack at it, who knows.

Another good thing is that I can start weight lifting anytime. I should be walking normally in a couple weeks and back to running in about a month.

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