Friday, April 23, 2010


I had a little mishap last night. I went for a nice little jog and when I came back, the kids were all busy doing their own thing so my husband and I decided it was a good opportunity for us to spend a little time together....playing basketball.

It's been so fun playing with the kids but you always have to be careful you don't step on any little toes or bonk any heads. So as long as it was just us two, I decided I was going to kick it up a notch.

It's not easy when you are 5'6" playing basketball against someone who it 6'3", especially when this person's "signature move" is sticking out his booty and butting his opponents out of the way. It's nearly impossible to get around that thing! But I was determined this time. I waited for the perfect moment to make my move. I did a little juke to the right to fake him out, then with my cat-like reflexes I swirled around to the left to steal away the ball. I don't know what happened next, but I'm pretty sure that booty swung around and knocked me to the ground. On my way down I thought to myself "well, here come the scraped up knees I knew I was going to get sooner or later". But I didn't get a scratch. I did, however, mess up my ankle pretty bad. The second I hit the ground it blew up 5 times it's normal size. I mean, it was instantaneous.

So, while I sat on the driveway, whining about how this was seriously going to screw up my plans to aerobisize my way into a bikini by June, all the neighborhood kids ran over to gawk at my distorted ankle. I felt a bit like a freak show. You know kids and their uncanny ability to comment on your appearance without regard to your feelings or insecurities. I mean, I can't tell you how many times I've almost brushed the enamel off my teeth because my kids have told me my teeth are yellow. That's just the color they are!!! I can't help it!!!! Leave me alone!!!

kid 1: "Oooooh, poor mommy!" -note, this was not MY kid

kid 2: "Loooooooooook at it! It's so FAT!!"

kid 3: "That's not very nice."

kid 2: "Well it is!"

kid 1: "Does it hurt? Touch it! Can I touch it? Would it hurt if I touched it?"

kid 2: "It's so FAT!!"

kid 3: "I think he's trying to run us over" - referring to Andreas, backing the van out of the garage to take me to the doctor.

Me: "I think he's going to try to put me out of my misery" (chuckle, snort)

3 kids staring with wide-eyed horror at me.


Anyway, after looking at the x-rays, the ER doctor said it looked like I had a chip in my ankle but she couldn't be 100% positive that's what she was seeing. So she would have the radiologist call me and let me know. At the moment, I have a nifty black boot on my leg, and I'm trying to maneuver my way around on crutches.

That's my pretty boot. I'm not sure what they will do if there is, in fact, a chip in my bone. I have to see an ortho doctor next Tuesday. Ugh. The weird thing is, my big toe hurts almost worse than my ankle. I can't imagine how the heck I managed to hurt my toe.

If there is anything enjoyable about this experience it's seeing how concerned my kids are about me. Right away, as soon as they found out I was hurt, they came running to my side. They are so attentive and helpful. Eden made coffee this morning before Andreas and I even got downstairs. And they want to help out in any way they can. It warms my heart to know I have such caring little peeps.

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chastity said...

BAD timing for an injury, but you have a great story to pair with it! Bummer!