Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crazy Hair

Last night at dance it was "crazy hair night". The girls could do something crazy to their hair if they wanted and the winner would get a small prize.
This was our attempt at crazy hair:

Fun, right? Anyway, at the end of class, they all lined up and us parents clapped for the one we thought had the craziest hair as the teacher went down the line of girls. Emma didn't win the prize but she should have. I might be biased but it was pretty obvious she had the craziest hair.

She was a little sad she didn't win :(

It's so hard to watch little ones experience that disappointment. There is so much anticipation and hope in those little eyes, and then sadness. Even if the prize was small, it meant something big to her. But she has to learn that she can't win them all.

I made her my fabulous 3 minute microwave chocolate cake to cheer her up. And she forgot all about it =)

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