Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fish Chowder

It's what I made for dinner tonight. No one was excited about it when I announced what I would be cooking but everyone liked it. Even the kids! It smelled soooooo good while it was cooking. And soup was the perfect meal on a blustery winter night.

That sounds so weird. Blustery winter's nearly April for crying out loud! But as I type this, I am lying in my bed watching the snow and wind out the window, a scene that looks more like Christmas than almost Easter. At least the snow has covered all the Lizzy poop again. There is a winter's worth of soggy turds in our yard and it wasn't purdy. AND it was thundering and lightening earlier today too. Odd weather.

I think everyone is giving mother nature the middle finger right now. I'm a little bit afraid to sign up for the 10k in May, never know what kind of conditions I'll end up running in. I'm a bit of a cupcake that way. I prefer the treadmill in my basement to frigid temps, ice, sleet, snow, rain, and what-have-you.

I have officially run out of things to say since I've sat here for the last 30 minutes or so typing and backspacing stupid pointless words. I have nothing interesting to say. No one wants to hear about my day of laundry, vacuuming, cleaning bedrooms and rearranging furniture. That's all I got, sorry. Guess it's time to quit and watch some Red Dwarf with the hubs. An episode or two of Lister making fun of Rimmer's nostrils and hearing "smeg" every 15 seconds. Smegging smeghead. Oh smeg! I'll smeg the smeg out of you! Is it a verb, a noun, a pronoun? It's a smegging sentence enhancer! Just for the smeg of it! (it's a bbc show, if that explains anything)

Here's a little fun fact for you: my husband and his coworkers used to have a mannequin at work. They bought clothes for her and changed her outfits and everything. As if it's not odd enough for them to have a mannequin at work in the first place, they named her Smegs. I have to say, I had never even heard that word before working at the nerdery and seeing "Smegs". Now I wish my mind had a handy dandy delete button.

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