Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life as usual

Now that the birthday hoopla is over, it feels like things have slowed back down to a normal pace. Actually, it feels like time has moved backwards because when I look out my window I see December. It has been snowing nonstop for 3 days! I admit it is beautiful, however, it's March and we North Dakotan's really want spring weather...NOW.

But yeah, birthday surprise = success. Homemade Swedish princess cake = nooooot so much. Ok, the cake was fine. It wasn't a total disaster. But the marzipan I picked up at the store felt like it was about 10 years old. A real pain in the butt to work with. By the time I had it all rolled out, it was so dry and cracking all over. Luckily it tasted good (so I heard).

Another plus, our dog, Lizzy, has finally stopped bleeding. So today I plan to take her to the dog wash and tear down the barricades we had set up to keep her from bleeding all over our carpet.

I guess now I'll be focusing on my picture editing skills again. I've downloaded the trial version of CS5 and plan on test driving that to see how much better it is than Elements. I'm not super excited about sitting on my duff day after day while doing it but I guess I'll just have to get up and do some sprints every hour or something.

Last night I helped Hanna with a school project. She had to make a life size cut out of Michelle Kwan from foam board. Let's just say she looks more like a sumo wrestler than the beautiful figure skater she is.

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