Thursday, May 26, 2011

Emma is 5

Well, my baby is 5. I can hardly believe it. We were telling her the story about the night she was born. About how she woke us up in the middle of the night and said "I want to come out now!". And she was asking questions about how she got out of mama's "tummis" and seemed very fascinated by how babies come out your "front butt"! My girls are all so horrified by it that they swear they will never have kids. Eden says she will adopt hers instead. I tell her that while that would be awesome, she'll probably change her mind when she is older. Much older. 
The other day, Eden said something about how she can't wait until she's a teenager and can have a baby like those girls on TV. Um....ABSOLUTELY NOT, I said. I don't even know how she knows about that show, we've certainly never watched it here! And I thought, nice....they have to sensationalize teen pregnancy with a reality show. Anyway....
We had a lovely day. Her "best friend" Emma came over with her mom and siblings to play and give her gifts. Then we went to Chuck E. Cheese where they played games and ate pizza. I had the smallest salad known to man. I decided on the one trip only option not realizing they gave you a toddler size bowl to eat from. Next time, I'll spring for the all you can eat salad bar.
Then we came home for some chocolate cake and gift opening. She got nearly everything on her birthday wish list except for the princess pumpkin bed at the furniture store. But, of course, she was very happy with what she got. In fact, she is still thanking us for her "best birthday ever" and all her cool presents. It's so nice to have children that are appreciative.
Tomorrow we will stay at the Govenor's Inn in Casselton because we hear they have a rockin' waterpark. We are all pretty excited. A little mini vacation close to home.
I keep asking Emma if I can put a brick on her head to get her to stop growing and she says NO! But she reassures me that she will always be my baby (tears). I am so lucky.

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