Sunday, May 1, 2011


Snow in May?
There's nothing quite like waking up on a dreary
spring morning in North Dakota; birds chirping, trees just barely
starting to bud, and snow on the ground.
That's it. I'm moving.

You know, I hate to be a complainer and all, but when you live in Fargo ND and suffer through frigid temperatures for what seems like an eternity, snow on the ground for what literally could be from October to May, get only 3 good months a year to play around outdoors without having to wear a down feather coat.....we have the RIGHT to complain a little!

I have lived in this area all my life but finally had an opportunity to move a few years back.
To Denmark, of all places. And the weather there isn't exactly awesome either. It isn't a cold as it
is here, but it is cloudy and dreary and cold quite a lot.
I'm thinking next time I move it will be south. Humidity? Bring it!
I can handle humidity.
Because the beauty of living here, is that you get brutal cold temps in the winter and
sweltering humid heat in the summer.

Survivor Man? Bah....I live in Fargo ND! I can survive anywhere!!


Tippy said...

I think I would cry if I woke up to snow right now. I live in New Jersey so I'm trying to enjoy the sun and the on and off massive storms haha.

Carmen said...

Maybe we can convince Mike and Andreas to relocate to North Carolina.

Charlotte said...

Carmen, I've actually been talking to Andreas about that!! Wouldn't it be the perfect location??