Friday, May 20, 2011


This is Teddy. My mom's new pup. He's a maltipoo, which is a cross between a maltese and a toy poodle. I guess they are supposed to be super smart.

Here's how he ended up with my mom:

We took a trip to the mall 2 days ago, just so she could get her blood pressure checked out at the clinic. We ended up leaving with a dog. Actually, we went out to the car, then back in for the dog.

They have a window in front of the pet store where they put the cutest little pets on display for the whole world to oooh and aaah over. We did our share of ooohing and aaahing, no doubt. And we were curious to see how much one of these cute little buggers cost. Since there wasn't a price listed on the window we went inside to inquire. We were given an opportunity to hold one and got sucked in.

He was SO CUTE!

My mom was almost whining...."I waaaaaaant one"

So as we were leaving the mall we were talking about how she really should get a puppy because she's been wanting a pet for quite a long time. A companion would do wonders for her. Plus, it would give her an excuse to get out for walks and move around more in general.

We got to the van and mom stood my the door and said, "Let's go back in. I want him."

It was such a spur of the moment thing and so unlike her that I was all for it! "Yes!", I said. "Good for you!". And we went back in, bought the puppy and all the necessities and went home. It was weird how it happened. I thought there would be more involved in buying a dog but I guess when you buy it from the mall, it's no different than buying a sweater. Except it costs a lot more. And it poops.

If a sweater pooped, it probably wouldn't sell very quickly.

Of course my mom is just in love with her baby. As are my girls and I. Even Andreas agrees that his cuteness factor is off the charts. And he is so good. Always goes potty on his little potty tray. Another bonus besides being super cute and tiny and good at not pooping on the carpet is that he is non shedding. I guess they don't have fur but instead have hair like we do.

He had two brothers. I'm thinking Lizzy needs a little playmate =)

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Carin said...

my kids were oohing and ahhhing last night as we looked at your pictures too. He is adorable but I think I am a 1 dog household for a little while longer for sure. The non-shedding thing is a bonus. Lilo doesn't shed and I really like that. I can't believe you would consider another dog but you know with the size of him Lizzy would think its a chew toy. :)