Thursday, May 12, 2011

Without a dog

Andreas left this morning to take Lizzy to the vet. She is getting spayed today. The surgery requires her to spend the night there. So we will be without a dog in the house all day, all night and part of tomorrow. I don't know how to react.

Part of me just wants to jump for joy, open all the doors and leave meat laying around the house. And parts of me feels a tad guilty for those feelings. Because, I have grown to love her despite all the petty annoyances.

I do feel a little giddy right now though. Here's why:
1) No gate blocking the staircase to trip over and stub our toes. However, it does serve as a nice stopper for when we slip and fall down the stairs. Yes this has happened. Multiple times.
2) I can be eating something, suddenly have to get up and do something in the next room and not have to take my food with me.
3) I can vacuum this morning and our floors will still be hair free tonight =)
4) I can leave the french doors to the living room open so that it doesn't feel like an ice box in there
5) I won't have to slip on drool or wipe it off my pants every 10 minutes
6) No barking. There's no barking!!!!!
7) Nothing will be stolen and chewed up and I won't have to wipe tears because of it.
8) People can come to my door now and actually step inside without fear. Come on over friends!!!! We are hosting a NO-DROOL party! No jumping, no shedding, no barking. Hurry! Act fast! This is a limited time offer. catch my drift?

I mean, there are probably a million reasons to feel a little like I'm on vacation right now, but you've heard it all before. Blah blah blah....words words more words. You are sick of me complaining about my dog. I get it.

And how could I not love this?

Of course it didn't take long to turn into this:

But she is still a beautiful, loyal companion.
Have a safe surgery, Lizzy Bear. We will see you soon!

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