Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mama Olson

This is my mom. Isn't she pretty? She never believes me when I tell her.

She's a wonderful lady. Probably the warmest, kindest, most unselfish person I will ever know. I think the pictures I took of her yesterday really reflect that kindness. When a person is so loving, it really comes through in their smile. All I can think about when I look at these pictures is warmth.

I as the photographer had nothing to do with how wonderful these pictures turned out. It was all her.

She wanted me to take pictures of her "and her little dog, too". - to get a little Wicked Witch of the West in there, for Christmas cards. We were going to wait until the leaves were in full fall color but the weather has been so perfect for being outside and taking pictures, I couldn't wait. I'm sure we'll go out again for another batch.

My mom told me she had the perfect day yesterday. Well, she spent nearly all of it with me, how could it not be?  =) We went to church together, then ate lunch out. Spent the entire afternoon shooting pictures at various locations. And ended the day with a DQ blizzard for supper. And yes, it really was all we ate for supper. I think it was my perfect day as well.

The only thing that could have topped that was baking home made chocolate chip cookies and eating 5 or 6 of them without guilt or care about calories and having someone else do up the dishes afterwards.

Now, go hug your mom and tell her how wonderful you think she is.


Carmen said...

That does sound like the most perfect day!

Carin said...

It does sound perfect and the pictures of your mom are great. I am sending hugs to my mom in heaven but I do that alot. I know how much you treasure your mom and I think it makes YOU a wonderful person too!
Love you!