Friday, September 30, 2011




Mom and I went to take more pictures this morning. I thought she looked so beautiful and there were so many good ones. We ditched her dog after the first location. He was just too much for us to handle. After we took him back home, we could relax a bit more and some really great pictures were the result.

I wanted to include a before and after, just because. I thought most of the pictures looked great straight from the camera, despite the obvious little exposure and tone problems that can occur when you shoot in manual.

The blog sized photos never do justice to the beauty that I see full screen in Photoshop. The colors look over edited and quality is never as crisp. But it's the best I know how to do with the patience God has given me.

Once again she was a beautiful model and we had a terrific morning together. Even though she can't move as fast as my girls, she has much more patience and is a joy to photograph.

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