Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ahh....peace and quiet! What a luxury.

My two oldest daughters are with their dad this weekend. That means it's going to be pretty quiet around here until Sunday.

I just spent the evening eating leftover pasta, watching King of Queens, reading Napoleon Hill, playing a little Vancouver 2010 on the xbox with my husband and even had a candle-lit bath. (my littlest peep has been snoring on the sofa since about 6pm) Life just is too kind to me on days like today. I feel serene.

Now I'm sitting in the dark with my laptop, listening to the rain (and Emma snoring) and contemplating watching last nights Grey's Anatomy episode that I missed.

And tomorrow, I'm getting my groceries delivered to my door (ahhhh) and I'm not planning on doing a darn thing, other than check my Farmville crops, make something in Cafe World and read. These easy going weekends are great. Last weekend was a super fun mini vacation, but it was also very tiring. So tiring that I need another vacation...LOL!

This reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry makes fun of George for going on a vacation, because he didn't have a job. He says something like, "Who goes on vacation without a job? need a break from getting up at 11:00?" And although I am not really "jobless" with 3 kids, and I certainly don't sleep in EVER, it still makes me think of that whenever I voice the fact that I feel like I need a vacation.

This week, I needed a vacation. I'm talking, somewhere tropical, preferably with a spa....and no kids. But right now, I'm so relaxed it almost feels like a vacation. And I'll take it!!

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