Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend in Minneapolis

I was planning on taking tons of pictures of our trip to Minneapolis this weekend but since my new camera is a bit bulky, I decided not to bring it with to Nickelodeon Universe or Underwater Adventures. It's hard enough just keeping track of 3 kids sometimes. At least I got some cute photos of the family swimming.

It was a nice trip. Other than running over a mattress with our van, it was a fairly uneventful drive.

To elaborate on that, we were driving back Sunday afternoon, a day earlier than planned. The car ahead of us changed lanes quickly and there straight ahead of us, in the middle of our lane was a mattress. Andreas didn't have much time to react, he swerved to avoid it but you don't really want to overdo it when you are going 75 mph. Long story short, we hit it and we don't think the man on the side of the road, whose pick up was one mattress lighter, was going to be able to use it anymore. Unless a giant tire mark fits into his decor.

It was a pretty scary experience. I thought for sure we were going to roll the van. Just the first of 500 thoughts that popped into my mind in that second before we hit it. Thank goodness it wasn't a couch or something a little less "fluffy". Gives me shivers to think of it.

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