Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blizzards and blogging about nothing

Yep we got one, just a day later than expected. A blizzard.

We woke up to one nasty morning here today. The wind was blowing the snow so hard we could barely make out the houses across the street. They cancelled school, which was smart. I didn't want my girls out in this stuff.

Speaking of my girls, we have been without them for a bit longer than expected. They were supposed to come home from their dad's last night after the Vikings game. But it was decided in the end that he would just bring them straight to school this morning. Of course, that was impossible with the storm. And now it is 8:30pm and it looks as though they will be spending a second extra night there. Hopefully they can make it back tomorrow morning.

Anyone see the Vikings game last night? We never (I mean NEVER) watch football but we decided that since it was the last game before the super bowl and they were doing so good this year, we would watch. Sorry Vikes fans, I guess we jinxed it. Somehow I knew that would happen. I can't believe the amount of fumbling going on in that game. It was definitely not a dull game. It's too bad they will miss out on the super bowl this year. But I guess they had a good run.

I'm trying something new tonight...staying up past 9:00. So I'm blogging about nothing, trying to keep my mind off my nice warm bed. Usually when Emma goes to bed (around this time) I go up with her to read her stories until she falls asleep and then I just turn over and go to sleep myself. I mean, why stay up when it's already 9:30/10pm. Just because hubby stays up late, doesn't mean I need to, right? IDK, he makes fun of me for it. He says, "You gotta fight it". But you know, it's such a cozy bed. It's a "made for us" mattress from Beds By Design and what a bed it is. Ahhhh....sweet bed, here I come!

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