Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lots of snow and slush

We were supposed to get this huge blizzard this weekend. So far, all it ended up doing was dropping a ton of wet sloppy goopy snow on us yesterday, with a nice layer of sheer ice underneath. It sure was a beautiful morning though, watching all the beautiful giant snowflakes fall.

This morning, it was a FUN time snowblowing and shoveling all that heavy stuff!

A good day to make a snowman.

And the giant snowman is complete!

Andreas is throwing snowballs at the poor defenseless camera woman.

Good thing she was in the safety of her living room.

Emma had to try to throw a snowball at me too. It didn't make it very far.

Andreas was going to make another snowman but it ended up having too big of a booty so he gave up.

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