Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Internet troubles

We were experiencing Internet troubles last night and this morning. Despite resetting the modem and restarting our computers, we still couldn't get online. Even after sleeping, and dreaming about surfing on the world wide web, the morning didn't bring about any changes to our situation.

Now, this is where the panic sets in.

I imagine my day, roaming the house, staring at the walls, biting my nails, talking to myself, feeling lost. WHAT am I going to do with myself?

What is to become of my crops in Farmville? What about my crab bisque that I've prepared in Cafe World? What about setting my status in Facebook and blogging?? And then there is all the junk mail to sort through in my inbox. What about that, huh?

OK, I have a problem. I'm an addict. I admit it. Fine, I'll just start smoking....or drinking. You're right, I won't.

Longer story shorter, I called our ISP and we got it figured out. Incidentally, I needed to reset the modem AND the router. That's all.

And now, I'm off to do the hard work of a farmer's life...harvesting those crops.

There, aren't you glad I've resolved my Internet issues, so you could read this exciting post??!! ;)

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