Tuesday, February 9, 2010

pass the green bread!

This morning, my 12 year old, Hanna, was belly up to our kitchen island, NOT eating breakfast as usual. She is always complaining that there is never anything she likes to eat in the house (because I refuse to deep fry everything). So, 30 minutes go by, like always, without so much as an effort to look and see what there is to eat.

I said to her, "If you aren't going to eat, why don't you just go upstairs and get dressed instead of just sitting down here doing nothing?".

Well, she didn't like that idea either. So she got up, found a half loaf of bread that I had baked a while ago and asked me to cut a slice for her. I did. She sat down to eat it and something miraculous happened.

Hanna said, "Mom, I like this bread!".

I almost fainted. Not only has she just said she liked something, but the bread was wheat bread. Evil, terrible, oh so good for you, wheat.

Later on, when the girls were upstairs getting dressed, I went to put the bread back in the plastic when I saw that the loaf was ALL MOLDY! I mean, it was like a green, furry science experiment. I expected it to crawl out of my hands at any moment.

So, she likes moldy bread eh? This has opened so many doors. Moldy cheese, chunky milk, fish that's been underground for months....the list could go on.

Shhhh, don't tell her!!

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